What It Is & How to Do It

The other day I decided that I wanted to buy some comfortable outfits to wear around the house. As I was online shopping, I started to fill out my shipping information in the online form. However, the form had a requirement that the “City” field could only be 20 characters long. Now, the city I … Read more

How Responsive Web Design Works

It’s no secret that more and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices in addition to or in place of desktop computers. In fact, there are almost 7 billion mobile users worldwide. (For reference, the world population is currently 7.7 billion. That’s a lot of mobile activity.) But what they’re doing on … Read more

How To Master Writing Advertorials

I’m a huge fan of food magazine Bon Appetit. I love the brand’s voice, messaging, and content, so when I found the corresponding YouTube channel for the publication last year, I was immediately sold. When you dive into Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel, you’ll find a cast of chefs. They either host their own show, make … Read more

What It is & How to Master It

Have you ever come across a post on LinkedIn or Instagram from your favorite celebrity or influencer, explaining how they use their own brand’s services or products? You know what I’m talking about. Maybe your favorite Instagram influencer just posted a photo, with the caption explaining how the photo editing packs she curates have helped … Read more